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Welcome back, Mr Bondo!!

Botswana’s representative at the Africa Cup of Nations Mr Joshua Bondo returned home this morning from Gabon where he was part of the biggest football tournament in Africa.

Mr Bondo took charge of 2 games in group stages (Senegal v Algeria & Ghana v Uganda) and was a fourth official in the semi final between Cameroon v Ghana.

Bondo has highlighted that the tournament was an experience he needed and wishes to see himself grow more.

Sprinter, as he is commonly known, says young local referees need to work hard and increase the pull of locals on the international front

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Annual Subscriptions

The Botswana Football Association affiliates are reminded that as per Article 78.1 of the BFA Constitution, the membership subscription fees are due on or before 31st May 2019.

To this end, all BFA Clubs are reminded to accordingly pay their subscriptions on or before 31st May 2019.

Be advised that failure to adhere to the above, will attract a penalty.

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