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Mamelodi calls for one vision view of Botswana FA

GABORONE, Botswana – FIFA instructor and consultant, Ashford Mamelodi has lauded the Botswana Football Association (BFA) National Executive Committee (NEC) for hosting a successful induction over the weekend, saying this aligns with the FA’s vision of being a self-sustaining organisation of excellence.

In a post event interview, Mamelodi praised the weekend’s induction as a success saying it accorded both the NEC and the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Goabaone G. Taylor a chance to introspect, and discuss important roles while emphasising protocols for a conducive working environment.

BFA CEO Goabaone Taylor

“It was heartwarming to see all those who attended the meeting having a one vision view towards the goal of protecting and promoting a culture of accountability, responsibility with a clear mandate. This truly aligns with the FA’s values of promoting fair play, caring and respect for membership rights as well as transparency.,” said Mamelodi in retrospect.

He further said, induction of the Board is a typical occurrence especially after each election so that those that have been elected understand their roles and responsibilities, and are aligned to the mandate of the BFA to ensure accountable leadership.

“The standing committees are largely the thinking tanks of the FA, so they need to be active so that they can influence the strategic direction of the FA,” added Mamelodi.

From left to right – Minister Rakgare (sleeveless jacket) with BFA CEO Taylor, BFA VP1 Motlogelwa and BFA President Letshwiti

The induction, he added, focused on three components which include international best practice of developing  football, declaration of interest, how the Board can monitor its performance roles as well as building formidable cohesion between the BFA NEC and Secretariat.

“The induction was primarily to agree new ways of doing work to ensure and efficient and effective Board that will work in the best interest of the FA. The BFA has recently hired a new CEO and it was important to ensure a level playing filled for good governance of a sports organisation.

Furthermore, Mamelodi emphasised to the BFA NEC that, for the Secretariat to reach its goals, the standing committees need to be steadfast and active all their respective roles.

“Communication is fundamental in a professionalised football environment, and as such a strengthened communications desk is vital. A clear communication plan will help alleviate the negative PR as messages about the activities of the FA will be communicated consistently.”

Botswana Football League Chairperson, Aryl Ralebala

Mamelodi who has been conducting the BFA Administration Management Course dubbed Operation Time for Change in all the 17 regions across the country is optimistic that with insights and knowledge bases imparted, the Regional Football Associations (RFAs) are well-equipped to take the FA to the next level through empowered football administrators.

“The feedback has been positive; the Regional Football Associations (RFAs) are even eager to learn more with a follow up course. I must applaud Maclean Letshwiti (BFA President) for advocating that Botswana becomes the first to benefit from this course from FIFA. For the BFA to be a game changer, it’s important that the RFAs are as stronger. The vision of the BFA with the Operation Time for Change is to have knowledgeable representatives in every region so they can impart all the knowledge they have acquired unto other administrators in the future. This is the legacy I’d love to leave behind,” said Mamelodi.



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The games will be played at the Lekidi Football Centre grounds from 0800 to 1700 hours.

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