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Members Should Abide by the Play Rules and Regulations

Botswana Football Association has advised members clubs to move away from discussing the Football Association matters on media platforms. In a circular to the structures, the general secretary urged the members of the Football Association to abide by articles 14.2 of the BFA play rules and regulations which reads:
No affiliate club or member thereof shall submit statements or articles to the media on matters relating to the state of affairs and policy of the association.
And Article 2.9 of the BFA code of conduct which reads:
No official shall do and or say anything or act in any manner that could in what so ever way to be seen to be bringing or having the potential to bring the good name of member official, structure, or part of the Association into disrepute.
The Secretary General asked the affiliates to, however, understand they can talk to issues concerning their clubs.


Regulations for the 2020 Debswana First Division Playoff Games

The Promotional Games for the Debswana First Division League are official competitions of the Botswana Football Association (BFA).  These Play-off Games shall be played on a point system basis. 3.0 Any rights which are not ceded by these Regulations to any club taking part in the competition shall belong to the Botswana Football Association.

Download the complete Regulations for the 2020 Debswana First Division Playoff Games;

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