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Judicial Judgements

Nicolas Ibrahim Zakhem – Botswana Football League

In the Botswana Football Association arbitration Tribunal held virtually in Gaborone in the matter between:

Nicolas Ibrahim Zakhem Complainant


Botswana Football League 1st respondent
Tebogo Godfrey Ratlhaga 2nd respondent
Tumelo Toteng 3rd respondent

Decision of the Tribunal on Jurisdiction


  1. This matter was referred to the arbitration tribunal on 9 January 2024 following an arbitration request by the complainant through its notice of dispute dated 08 January 2024. The notice of dispute was accompanied by a founding affidavit deposed to by Nicolas Zakhem (“the complainant”) with annexures to the affidavit.
  2. The respondents were served with the notice of dispute on 08 January 2024, the same day that the pleadings were filed with the tribunal. Urgency was not pleaded by the complainant in its papers hence the matter was decided in the normal course. The respondents did not file any notice in opposition nor any other response  to the Notice of Dispute. The Complaint and 1st Respondent are represented by legal counsel.