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BFA-UEFA organized a leadership training programme for women involved in football from 17th-20 April 2023 in Gaborone as part of the UEFA Assist programme.
The four-day programme officially closed today and was aimed at improving women’s leadership and management skills.
The programme was attended by various participants involved in women’s football in various capacities, including former players, coaches, regional league, and BFA officials.
In attendance was the BFA acting President Mr. Masego Ntshingane, BFA CEO Mr. Mfolo E. Mfolo, Ms. Lobito Ncube also the women representative at NEC, BFL CEO Mr. Senzo Mbatha, Chairperson of the national women’s Football Committee Ms. Keeng Mosinyi, Mr Alec Fela also the chairman of the referees committee (NEC Member), BFA NEC member Tico Kamati etc.


BFA to Assemble Assessment Camp

The head coach of the senior national team “The Zebras”, Didier Gomez Da Rosa, is set to assemble an assessment camp for the U22 national team from April 29 to May 1, 2024, which will take place at Lekidi Football Centre.
The purpose of the team is to identify potential players who will build a graduate Senior Men’s National Team besides the Olympic Under-23 Team.

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