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BFA restructures operations

The Botswana Football Association (BFA) has taken a decision to restructure the Secretariat, mainly to align to best practices that can improve operational efficiencies and effectiveness. The restructuring exercise is expected to result in a simplified yet professional functional structure. This is process that was started as far back as 2015, and revisited several times in 2017, 2018 and the earlier part of 2021, and in March to be precise.
“The process has involved determining areas to restructure, in terms of fit for purpose organisational processes, functions as well as cost structures. In the short term, corrective action is being taken to ensure continuity during this process while consultations and calculations and securing of separation packages is being looked in to. Thereafter, implementation of the restructuring will be effected and results evaluated over time,” said BFA Chief Executive Officer, Goabaone G. Taylor.
The BFA’s decision to embark on this exercise is well within the principles of Organisational Restructuring which focus on transformation of either or both structure, processes, and people.
To make the Association sustainable, Taylor said a few structural deficiencies that needed attention were determined as follows;
– A need to re-organise the High-Level Functional Structure
– Manpower planning to align with Human Capital requirements
– Job Analysis and Evaluation
“The BFA vision is to be a self-sustaining professional organisation of excellence. There is need for financial independence and the ability to generate own revenue that can be put to good use as we continue to grow the Association,” the CEO added.
The development of Football remains at the core of the Association to create a well organised and properly functioning body that abides by the rules and regulations that guide operations for the success of the organisation.
The Football Industry has the potential to promote investment and thus create employment and related opportunities to the country.
“We have been on a multi-year journey to transform our organization,” said BFA President, Maclean Letshwiti. “The changes in our operating model will shift our focus to become more professional and put performance closer to our stakeholders while prioritizing football development and a disciplined modernization framework. As we implement these changes, we’re continuing to evolve our organization, which will include significant changes in the structure of our workforce.”

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COSAFA and LaLiga Instructors’ Masterclass gets underway

The Botswana Football Association (BFA) Technical Division led by Acting Technical Director, Dr. Carolin Braun today (Wednesday) joined their counterparts from the COSAFA region in a virtual Instructors Masterclass powered by COSAFA in partnership with LaLiga. The BFA participants include Alex Malete, Duncan Tshegofatso, Kaelo Kaelo, Jaqueline Gaboinelwe and Barobi Ngwako.

COSAFA and La Liga seek to improve football in the region with this exciting project where they look to equip regional instructors with training methods, academy structure, player development path, game model and overall, how to make a good instructor.

BFA acting TD Dr. Carolin Braun

The course is a pilot program which kickstarted its first of the two sessions beginning April 21st, 2021 and the second took place today, Wednesday May 5th, 2021.  The BFA Acting Technical Director, Dr. Carolin Braun was today jubilant that all participants from the Botswana FA will be able to harness their skills for the betterment of the BFA development structures.

She further highlighted that the courses come at the right time when the entire football system is regenerating for the future. Dr. Braun was also confident that the BFA has chosen capable individuals who have made a commitment to take the lessons and safeguard the country’s footballing prospects. 

BFA Women development officer, Barobi Ngwako

The first day of the course was manned by Juan Florit – Head of LaLiga Football Projects and Andoni Bombín – Head of Methodology at Athletic Club, while today’s session was led by Saul Vazquez – Football Projects Specialist and Carlos Casal – Football Projects Coordinator, respectively.


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