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BFA Appoints Mrs. Taylor as New CEO

The Botswana Football Association (BFA) announced today that Mrs. Goabaone G. Taylor has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). An experienced leader, Goaba as she’s affectionately known will assume her responsibilities on April 5, 2021.

With more than 18 years of corporate and commercial professional experience backed by a distinguished track record of identifying the uniqueness of brands, accentuating their appeal, taking them to market, and maximizing their value, Goaba brings a unique set of skills, perspectives, and relationships to lead the BFA into the future.
Building on what the BFA has already accomplished, under her leadership, the Association hopes to hone its strategic direction, grow, and develop, as well as strengthen its partnerships and build new relationships.
Previously as the Country Manager of Econet Media, Goaba led the commercialization of the Pay-TV and Free-to-Air content platforms, implementing go-to-market strategy, driving brand awareness, partner and customer acquisition as well as enhancing customer experience.

Prior to Econet Media, Goabaone worked in the Wholesale Business arm of BTCL, spearheading business development efforts, managing complex international relationships with strategic business partners within the framework of an international body charged with maintaining practices and standards; a similar arrangement to that which exists in football, with both FIFA and UEFA.

Her previous roles have also required reaching down into grassroots organisations to encourage the development of local capability.

“My strongest conviction is to use all these skills to good effect in developing the local football eco-system, from grassroots onwards for both boys and girls. We need to build a ‘one vision’ view of the future where the interests of many prevail over the agenda of individuals within the game and its administration. Success will only come to those who work hard, together, for the love of the game. From the top to the bottom of football locally, regionally, and beyond,” said Goaba.

The incoming CEO added, “In partnership with the President of the BFA, Maclean Letshwiti and his NEC, it is time, in my opinion, to focus on what is best for the sport, from the very bottom to the very top. It’s time to come together. I can only do my part of course, but the way to excellence is clear.”

Goaba believes Botswana football is awash with raw and undeveloped talent adding that it is high time the BFA pulls together in coherence to achieve its goals and mandate.

“As the BFA, we ought to inculcate and push towards working as a team, for the sole purpose, passion, and the will to capacitate and facilitate this talent’s growth and development. That is my job, with the help of the Association, to lead in the progress of the game, in all its facets,” she added.

When welcoming the new CEO to Lekidi Football Centre, the BFA President, Maclean Letshwiti said, “I feel this is the best move to bring football forward. This restructuring of BFA’s leadership will ensure the company’s future success while expediting organic growth and new acquisitions.”

Goaba holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Marketing from the University of Botswana (UB), including an array of professional courses in the areas of Digital Marketing with the University of Cape Town (UCT), Senior Development Program with USB-Ed and Enterprise Risk Management with Botswana Accountancy College (BAC) among others.

Goaba’s 3-year tenure with the BFA is effective from April 5, 2021.


COSAFA and LaLiga Instructors’ Masterclass gets underway

The Botswana Football Association (BFA) Technical Division led by Acting Technical Director, Dr. Carolin Braun today (Wednesday) joined their counterparts from the COSAFA region in a virtual Instructors Masterclass powered by COSAFA in partnership with LaLiga. The BFA participants include Alex Malete, Duncan Tshegofatso, Kaelo Kaelo, Jaqueline Gaboinelwe and Barobi Ngwako.

COSAFA and La Liga seek to improve football in the region with this exciting project where they look to equip regional instructors with training methods, academy structure, player development path, game model and overall, how to make a good instructor.

BFA acting TD Dr. Carolin Braun

The course is a pilot program which kickstarted its first of the two sessions beginning April 21st, 2021 and the second took place today, Wednesday May 5th, 2021.  The BFA Acting Technical Director, Dr. Carolin Braun was today jubilant that all participants from the Botswana FA will be able to harness their skills for the betterment of the BFA development structures.

She further highlighted that the courses come at the right time when the entire football system is regenerating for the future. Dr. Braun was also confident that the BFA has chosen capable individuals who have made a commitment to take the lessons and safeguard the country’s footballing prospects. 

BFA Women development officer, Barobi Ngwako

The first day of the course was manned by Juan Florit – Head of LaLiga Football Projects and Andoni Bombín – Head of Methodology at Athletic Club, while today’s session was led by Saul Vazquez – Football Projects Specialist and Carlos Casal – Football Projects Coordinator, respectively.


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