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Directly:        Chairman – Botswana Football League

Indirectly:      Vice Chairman – Botswana Football League



  1. To provide a clear and strategic long-term vision as to the League’s direction and be able to communicate and cascade this strategic vision to employers, staff, sponsors and other stakeholders.


  1. A leader by nature who motivates his/her team of colleagues to achieve meaningful results in their areas of responsibilities.
  2. The CEO is critical to the success of the League.
  • Responsible for the entire operations of the entire Secretariat.
  1. He or she reports on a regular basis to the Board of Governors via the Chairman and it is critical to the success of the League that these two leaders function and communicate well with each other and meet regularly to ensure effective planning of programmes, solving of problems and meeting challenges inherent in issues of the League.


  1. To implement decisions of the General Assembly and the Board of Governors.
  2. Member of the Board of Governors, voice/no vote.
  3. Managing and supervising the keeping of the financial accounts.
  4. Providing the League with inspired leadership from a staff viewpoint.
  5. Compiling minutes of the General Assembly and of the BOG, Standing and Ad-Hoc Committee meetings.
  6. League correspondence.
  7. Relations with other stakeholders.
  8. Organizing the Secretariat.
  9. Responsible for the appointment and dismissal of secretarial staff.
  10. Cooperating with/supplying all information to Auditors.
  11. Ongoing contact with the League Chairman.
  12. Fiduciary responsibility for the ethical operations of the League.
  13. Based on the approval strategies, goals, policies and priorities in the BPL, directs and coordinates the overall policies of the Board of Governors and coordinates the implementation of the approved policies and periodically evaluates their relevance and outcomes.
  14. Develops policies for approval by the Board of Governors and by the Botswana Football Association.
  15. Develop and recommend appropriate BFL Secretariat operational guidelines and performance standards and evaluation criteria to ensure that standards are adhered to.
  16. Administer and give advice on the BFA Constitutions, BFA Play Rules and Regulations and all FIFA Statutes and ensure that they are fully complied with by the Clubs.
  17. Brief media on the activities of the BPL through press release or press conferences.
  18. Ensure the provisions of professional and competent leadership on all matters pertaining to the administration of the BFL Secretariat by;
    • Recommending an appropriate organisational structure showing hierarchy or reporting channels and the functions at each level so as to promote efficiency and productivity in line with the BPL Strategic directions.
    • Allocating duties to and supervising subordinate staff and follow up work progress. Discipline offenders through verbal warnings or writing letters of reprimand, complete annual plans and confidential reports in respect of subordinate staff for submission to the Chairman with the recommendations.  To motivate, guide, counsel and discipline staff.
    • Recommend and approve leave applications of the senior staff.
    • Ensure proper deployment of staff by adhering to the approved work, organizational arrangements, job descriptions and job specifications of the posts as directed in the appropriate structure.
    • Produce periodic Executive reports for submission to the Board of Governors and to the BFA (NEC) analyzing in details the Secretariat achievements and constraints in each major responsibility areas and proposing action plans for further progress.
    • Direct Finance staff to draft estimates, scrutinize and makes adjustments on the draft estimates proposals, discuss the proposals first with the Chairman of the Finance Committee and the Chairman. CEO to produce monthly and quarterly Management Accounts.
    • Produce the yearly financial report audited, and checked by the Finance Committee.
    • Control Votes by authorizing payments together with the Chairman in his absence the Vice Chairman and/or the Chairman of the Finance Committee.
    • Prepare Agendas for the Chairmanship, Board of Governors and the General Assembly for approval by the Chairman. Review records of previous meetings and correspondences to identify issues for the agenda and also call for items from BOG members.
    • Follow up activities of BOG as resolved in meetings, writes to or telephone concerned authorities/clubs to act as required.
    • Provide briefings, clarifications and guidance to BFL/BOG during the meetings.
    • Prepare and produce annual reports.
    • Submit all misconduct of player and officials matters to the relevant judicial bodies.
  1. To manage the business and affairs of the League by leveraging strong technical qualifications, knowledge of marketing and management, and a thorough understanding of the business and the properties of the League.
  2. To identify potential partners and sponsors of the League, and lead negotiations with the same.
  3. To develop and maintain a solid working relationship with the Corporate community.
  4. To command the respect of all relevant stakeholders.
  5. To oversee the relationship between the League and the public.
  6. To identify and evaluate alternative investing and funding options and make recommendations.
  7. To assume the role of Chief Accounting Officer of the League.

Position Requirements

Education:               Degree in a Sports related field

Experience:              Minimum of 8 years experience





GABORONE, Botswana – Following the request by Senior National Team Coach, Adel Amrouche for leave of absence to attend to a personal matter, the Botswana Football Association (BFA) wishes to inform the public that he has been granted the leave with immediate effect.

Since the COSAFA tournament is the last competitive tournament for the Zebras in the immediate future, the BFA amicably resolved to release Amrouche. The affairs of the National team in preparation for the tournament, set to take place in Nelson Mandela Bay in South Africa from 7-18 July 2021 shall be handed over to Letang Kgengwenyane.

“The BFA understands and supports Mr. Amrouche’s situation and wishes him all the best in his future endeavours,” said BFA Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Goabaone G. Taylor.

Amrouche took over as the Zebras head coach in August 2019 on a two-year deal. After weeks of engaging with the coach over his future, an agreement was reached not to extend his contract.

Adel Amrouche

“Amrouche has been Zebras head coach since August 2019, and his leadership during that time was important to our successful development and international exposure of our players,” added Taylor.

“We appreciate all that Amrouche has done to build a disciplined team. He has always had a thorough understanding of what it takes to be a successful team and has done his best to mentor his players accordingly,” concluded Taylor.

Amrouche has since expressed gratitude towards the BFA for the opportunity.
“I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity to lead the Zebras over the last two years. I leave having picked up quite a number of valuable lessons that will be necessary in the journey ahead. I wish the Zebras success in future competitions,” Amrouche said in statement recently.

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