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Club Licensing Sanctions – 2019


The Club Licensing sanctions are an addendum to the existing Club Licensing Regulations. In terms of the BFA Club Licensing Manual, there has to be sanctions which have to be applicable to those who are found to have contravened the regulations (“Offender”).

The following shall be applicable to all clubs in the Premier League in addition to the existing club licensing regulations:

  1. Failure to maintain at least one active youth team
    • This shall attract a fine of 00 (Five Thousand Pula), and the offender shall be given a final grace period of 60 (Sixty) days to assemble the team,
    • Thereafter this will attract an automatic deduction of 6 (six) points upon expiry of the deadline.
  2. Failure to maintain and operate an office
    • This shall attract a fine of 00 (Two Thousand Pula) and the offender shall be given a final grace period of 30 (Thirty) days to operate an office,
    • Thereafter this will attract an automatic deduction of 6 (six) points upon expiry of the deadline.
  3. Overdue payables
    • For overdue payables, the sanctions shall be according to the table below.
    • Amount Due (BWP)Respective Fine (BWP)Points To DeductDeadline To PayRegistration Ban (Only Player Creditors)
      0 – 10 000      10003300
      10 001 -20.0002 000330
      20 001 – 50 0003 000330
      50 001 – 75 0004 000630
      75 001 – 100 0005 000630
      100 001 – 250 0006 0006301
      250 001 – 500 0007 0006602
      500 001 and above8 000660
  4. For persistent infringements of the Club Licensing Manual, the First Instance Body may withdraw the license.
  5. Clubs denied license and/or having the license withdrawn during the course of the season shall relegate to the Regional First Division League in the subsequent season.


COSAFA and LaLiga Instructors’ Masterclass gets underway

The Botswana Football Association (BFA) Technical Division led by Acting Technical Director, Dr. Carolin Braun today (Wednesday) joined their counterparts from the COSAFA region in a virtual Instructors Masterclass powered by COSAFA in partnership with LaLiga. The BFA participants include Alex Malete, Duncan Tshegofatso, Kaelo Kaelo, Jaqueline Gaboinelwe and Barobi Ngwako.

COSAFA and La Liga seek to improve football in the region with this exciting project where they look to equip regional instructors with training methods, academy structure, player development path, game model and overall, how to make a good instructor.

BFA acting TD Dr. Carolin Braun

The course is a pilot program which kickstarted its first of the two sessions beginning April 21st, 2021 and the second took place today, Wednesday May 5th, 2021.  The BFA Acting Technical Director, Dr. Carolin Braun was today jubilant that all participants from the Botswana FA will be able to harness their skills for the betterment of the BFA development structures.

She further highlighted that the courses come at the right time when the entire football system is regenerating for the future. Dr. Braun was also confident that the BFA has chosen capable individuals who have made a commitment to take the lessons and safeguard the country’s footballing prospects. 

BFA Women development officer, Barobi Ngwako

The first day of the course was manned by Juan Florit – Head of LaLiga Football Projects and Andoni Bombín – Head of Methodology at Athletic Club, while today’s session was led by Saul Vazquez – Football Projects Specialist and Carlos Casal – Football Projects Coordinator, respectively.


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