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Botswana football deserve to be the best

Botswana football deserve to be the best

UPDATED: 28 Nov 2017

As a new regime to take Botswana to another level, BFA has decided to embark on a long term project which will focus on grassroots football, youth and coaching development. BFA President MaClean Letshwiti says, for the past 51 years there is nothing to show.

We looked around for best people in football development, that’s why we approached the German Football Association who have a robust development system. GFA then sent Football Expert, Rocholl, to assess the challenges.

For his part, Mr Rocholl said  for 2 months he has been going all over the country and doing assessments, with this he is  hopeful the findings will help us recommend the right long term project for Botswana. There are lot of challenges that need to be addressed.

When we start the long term project will have to follow the right structures (U15, U-17, U-20 U23 and National team) on the woman's and men's side of the game.

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