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Premier skills and BFA close with a football firstival

After a week of learning the premier skills level one coaching . The 30 woman coaches drilled 163 young girls  on basic football skills.

The coaches also transferred the life skills to the girls  to allow them to be part of the growth of the game.

Participants Kgalalelo Masa says she had never played the game and finds it intresting and will continue to be involved with the game.

The coarse  ends today and will spread across the country. The coarse had 30participants who come from all 17BFA regions.

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FIFA CONNECT workshop in Hukuntsi

Botswana Football Association Competition department today completed a two day FIFA CONNECT workshop in Hukuntsi run by Regions and competitions manager and FIFA connect Administrators Olebile Pilara .

FIFA connect is a Web based platform used to register soccer player, referees, coaches, teams,etc

It allows all our members to have full visibility on their football landscape, which will have a tremendous impact on their governance, but will also bring benefits on the footballing side.

Knowing your players better, where they are and who they are is vital for football development.

FIFA CONNECT is an excellent way for us to streamline our administrative and organisational processes, and is in line with the key pillar of our strategic plan to harness the power of IT to better administer the game.

This platform will further enhance our capabilities in organising competitions and also enable us to maintain an accurate, up to date database of every person and entity involved in Botswana Football.

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