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CAF kickstarted capacity building workshop

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) today kickstarted a capacity building workshop for Secretary Generals in the English speaking countries.

Botswana Secretary General Mfolo Mfolo is in Windhoek Namibia to attend the week-long workshop which will look at key areas of functionality for secretarial offices in the continent.

The workshop is aimed at improving the level of efficiency and effectiveness for a better functional state of CAF and local football Association.

The workshop will also look at improving ties between members at CAF


BFA & FIFA to hold Women’s Football Strategy Workshop

The Botswana Football Association and the FIFA Women’s Football Department is set to hold a Women’s Football Strategy Workshop on the 15th and 16th February 2019 at the Lekidi Football Centre.

The strategic meeting will be key towards moving woman’s forward as it will develop a strategy and a structure that will allow full activation of our woman’s game. We believe this meeting will be important in ensuring that all regions are aligned with one common strategy and goal for the woman’s game.

Botswana is fortunate to be one of the first countries that FIFA will assist with developing a tailor-made solution to woman’s Football since FIFA reviewed its position and strategy for woman’s game.

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