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National Executive orders fresh Women’s Committee elections

This communique serves to inform you that the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Botswana Football Association at its meeting held on the 19th July 2018 deliberated on the Elective National Women Football Assembly as directed by the BFA Electoral Committee. This followed an appeal by some contestants who challenged the constitutionality of the Assembly as some Non-Affiliated clubs participated.

The National Executive Committee after considering all issues that were tabulated resolved as follows:

1.    Since there is an overwhelming evidence that non-affiliated clubs took part, the proceedings of the Assembly held on the 29th May 2018, including the elections of the National Women football Committee be nullified;

2.    That the powers of the National Women Football Committee reside in the Office of the Secretary-General pending the proper election of the National Women Football Committee;

3.    That the Office of the Secretary-General convene a Women Football Special General Assembly in accordance with the BFA Constitution;

4.    That only duly registered and affiliated members of the BFA be invited to the Special General Assembly;

By this communiqué, you are herein informed that the Women Football Special General Assembly will take place on the 04th August 2018 at 0900hrs, Lekidi Football Centre. The agenda of the meeting shall be “The election of National Women Football Committee.” Delegates (two members per club) are expected to arrive on Friday, 3rd (evening) and depart on Saturday, 4th August immediately after the meeting. The Association shall only provide accommodation and reimbursement of bus fares for delegates from the Eastern, Northern and Western.

Regional Football Association Committees are advised and directed to make sure that only clubs affiliated to the BFA attend the meeting as proof of affiliation shall be a prerequisite for attending the meeting.


CEO Status press conference

This is communique serves to invite members of the media to The CEO press brief on Wednesday 20th February 2019 at Lekidi Auditorium. The press conference will start at O930hrs.

The press conference will be addressed by the Botswana Football Association Chief Executive Officer Mfolo Mfolo lo update the media on the health bill of the Football Associafion, the CEO will also present Dr Carolin Braun to the media

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