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BFA Awards 2023 – Director of Member Associations Ms. Sarah Mukuna Speech

Good evening
Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, and members of the football family of Botswana, I am truly honoured to stand before you on behalf CAF President Dr. Patrice Motsepe at this glamorous
Botswana Football Awards, celebrating not just the achievements of our athletes and officials but also the indomitable spirit that unites us all.
Today, I want to talk about three key elements that resonate deeply with the African youth and draw a unique connection to Botswana’s football identity – Unity, Perseverance, and Hope. These are all
embodied by the precious gems that are diamonds.
I was told that Botswana, often referred to as the “Land of Diamonds,” holds a unique place in the heart of Africa. These diamonds are more than just stones; they are symbols of resilience,
transformation, and brilliance. They mirror excellency, the journey of our youth and the football nation itself.
In a world often marked by division and discord, Botswana football stands today as a shining example
of unity. Just as diamonds are formed under immense pressure, unity in diversity is what strengthens our youth and athletes. Our athletes and officials representing various backgrounds and experiences, have come together today to form a formidable force in the world of football. Together, they showcase the power of unity, reminding us that when we stand together, we truly outshine.
Diamonds are born from adversity, just like the perseverance that defines our African athletes. They
face countless challenges on their path to success – obstacles that may seem insurmountable. Yet, they
persist, they train harder, and they push boundaries. This spirit of perseverance has not only brought
them to this remarkable event but has also earned them admiration and respect on the global stage.
Botswana’s diamonds symbolize hope for a brighter future, and so do our young athletes. They are the
hope of this nation, the driving force that propels us forward. In their dreams and aspirations, we see
the promise of a prosperous Botswana. Let us never forget that every kick, every goal, and every victory
carries with it the hope of a football nation that believes in the potential of its youth.
As the Director Member Associations of the Confederation of African Football, I am proud to witness the unity, perseverance, and hope that define African youth on full display here tonight.
As Tariq Ramadan says, behind every great man is not a woman, for she is beside him, she is with him
and not behind him. This I can say about BFA and CAF … We stand together side by side working for
the swift prosperity of African and Botswana Football.
Thank you to BFA President M. Letshwiti and his administration for organising such a great event for Botswana and her people.
Together, we are not just celebrating athletic achievements but also fostering a sense of purpose and pride in our athletes.
In closing, let us remember that diamonds are not just beautiful because of their outward brilliance but because of the incredible journey they undertake to become that way. Similarly, our footballer and officials are not just remarkable because of their talents but because of the resilience, unity, and hope that drive them.
So, let us continue to support and nurture our young athletes, for they are the diamonds of Botswana, and together, they will shine brightly and inspire generations to come.
Thank you, and let continue celebrating our footballers who are receiving awards this evening.


Kgatleng Region Appreciate Safeguarding Workshop

Our recent safeguarding workshop in the Kgatleng region was a great opportunity to discuss significant steps towards safer and more inclusive football sport.
The association is very committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and vulnerable people this past weekend, the association had an opportunity to address the coaches and administrators of the Kgatleng region on the importance of prevention through education and awareness programs, Protection by implementing robust policies and procedures, Provision of support services for those affected, and Partnership by collaborating with relevant organizations and agencies to ensure a comprehensive approach to safeguarding.
Their dedication to the welfare of children and people who are exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally was truly commendable.
Let’s keep spreading awareness and making a positive impact in our football and community!

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