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Botswana Football Association is thrilled to announce that the Head of women football Tsholofelo Setlhoko has been invited as a guest speaker at the FIFA Women’s Football Convention to be held in Sydney, Australia between the 18th and 19th of August this year.

FIFA Women’s Football Convention will bring together leaders from the world of football to discuss the development of women football. Representatives from all of the 211 FIFA member associations have been invited, along with the six confederations and other FIFA stakeholders.
As BFA, we view this invitation as a big opportunity for Tsholo, as she is affectionately known, to go and compare notes with other world football leaders. The convention will not only be an eye opener for Tsholo but will also broaden her horizons as she takes her next steps to take Botswana’s women’s football to new heights.

Women’s football is now a fully-fledged component of the BFA. The association has come up with a women’s football strategy that is dedicated to guiding the development and growth of women’s football in Botswana. At the center of that strategy is a BFA recognition that football has a huge potential to be used to change societal perceptions on women.

As BFA we are confident that we are on course to using football to empower the girl child in every corner of Botswana. We will do so by providing a platform for every boy and girl to be able to play football safely, grassroots development is integral to our strategy. Additionally, we have joined hands with authorities to play our part through our pledge to use football to fight the scourge of Gender Based Violence which has become a key national priority.

Tsholo has been a leader of the ongoing revolution that has characterized the growth of women’s football in Botswana. She has played a key role in developing the strategy and is passionate, not only in building capacity of women’s football through new investments but is also result oriented in her emphasis for creating role models that would lead such key programs like GBV and Safeguarding.

Tsholo is also a living example of BFA’s commitment to produce women leadership that would lead football from the technical levels all the way to top administration.

We wish Tsholo well, go there and represent us.


Kgatleng Region Appreciate Safeguarding Workshop

Our recent safeguarding workshop in the Kgatleng region was a great opportunity to discuss significant steps towards safer and more inclusive football sport.
The association is very committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and vulnerable people this past weekend, the association had an opportunity to address the coaches and administrators of the Kgatleng region on the importance of prevention through education and awareness programs, Protection by implementing robust policies and procedures, Provision of support services for those affected, and Partnership by collaborating with relevant organizations and agencies to ensure a comprehensive approach to safeguarding.
Their dedication to the welfare of children and people who are exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally was truly commendable.
Let’s keep spreading awareness and making a positive impact in our football and community!

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