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BFA Code of Ethics

BFA bears a special responsibility to safeguard the integrity and reputation-of football within its territory. BFA is constantly striving to protect the image of football, and especially that of BFA, from jeopardy or harm as a result of illegal, immoral or unethical methods and practices. In this connection, the following Code reflects the principles of the BFA Code of Conduct which have been adopted from FIFA Code of Conduct. The Code defines the most important core values for behaviour and conduct within BFA as well as with external parties.

The conduct of persons bound by this Code shall reflect the fact that they support the principles and objectives of BFA, the confederations, associations, regional football associations, national leagues, and clubs in every way and refrain from anything that could be harmful to these aims and objectives. They shall respect the significance of their allegiance to BFA and FIFA, the confederations, associations, leagues and clubs, and represent them and behave towards them honestly, worthily, respectably and with integrity. They shall further respect the core value of fair play in every aspect of their functions. They shall assume social and environmental responsibility.



Nthoiwa Is the First Local FIFA-Accredited Soccer Agent

Moran Nthoiwa has become the first and only FIFA player’s agent according to FIFA’s new rules in Botswana to be accredited/granted a new FIFA regulations license.
Mr. Nthoiwa has been accepted by the Botswana Football Association (BFA) to sit for the FIFA player’s agent examination. As part of the new FIFA Football Agent Regulations, agents must have a license to practice and this comes after one passes the exam.
We look forward to watching your continued rise to the top of the field. CONGRATULATIONS

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