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Kweneng Regional Football Association (KRFA) held an opening ceremony for the BFA C License course in Molepolole at Molepolole Sports Complex. In attendance was the BFA president Mr. Maclean Letshwiti accompanied by BFA staff, the Chairperson of KRFA Mr. Vincent Mafuta, and his committee members and course participants.

The course aimed at upskilling and contributing to the growth of quality football coaches in the country commenced today and will run for 16 days. In his welcome remarks, KRFA Chairperson Mr. Vincent Mafuta thanked all participants for heeding their call and also paid homage to the BFA leadership for providing them with coach educators and also gracing their opening ceremony.

In his address, the BFA president Maclean Letshwiti pointed out that our failure to develop players from grassroots level is the biggest contributing factor to the national team failures. He urged that as part of club development they won’t allow clubs to use coaches with anything less than BFA C license hence creating room for all BFA C holders. Letshwiti highlighted that he was happy to receive an invitation to this event as he wants the regions to lead the development of football in Botswana.

‘’This is what I have been talking about when commissioning Reset Agenda, I want to see changes, I want the regions to lead the development of football in Botswana, the BFA should only be there to support.” Mr Letshwiti.



𝗚𝗔𝗕𝗢𝗥𝗢𝗡𝗘: Botswana Football Association today the 21st April 2023, launched an innovative FIFA Talent Development Scheme (TDS), to help raise the standards of junior national football teams for both men and women, driven by FIFA’s desire for a long-term dedication to global talent development.

The programme is also aimed to help the association achieve its full potential and continuing the measures taken to reduce the disparity in the level of football between different countries.

The project objectives are to create a platform for emerging talent that will expose them quality coaching and competitive environment, to create a pool of players to be selected for junior national team (U15, U17 and U20) and to build a strong base for competitive junior national teams and sustain their success at all levels.

The identified players will be channeled to Radisele and Mogoditshane Centres of Sports Excellence with the possibility of expanding to other areas. The teams will be training on a daily basis with qualified coaches and playing games every week. U15 national team shall be fixtured in Tswapong Region U17 youth league while U17 team shall be fixtured in Tswapong Region Division 1. U19 team will have game time by locking horns with the first division league teams where it will be fixtured.

Giving his welcome remarks BFA vice president 1 also the acting president, Mr. Masego Nchingane made it known the purpose of today is to launch two (2) talent Development Centres namely Mogoditshane Senior Secondary School and Radisele Junior Secondary school Centres of Sports Excellence however in the next few years will have talent identification centres across the country in order to give every kid an opportunity to fulfill their potentials.

Speaking during the launch the BFA general Secretary Mr Mfolo E.Mfolo proclaimed that the standards of school of excellence determines the output, and the output will give us the results that we want in 10 years from now.

“FIFA realized that the top countries in the world continue to make the gap big with other countries that’s when FIFA decided to embark on a talent development scheme to find out how other countries can play catch-up where FIFA Masters Alumni can fast track the development of players so that the junior national teams even small countries can make an impact in football”, said FIFA Consultant Mr. Serame Letswaka

Sharing the project landscape BFA Technical Director, Mr. Tshepo Mphukuthi emphasized that the project is not the same from country to country but is tailor-made to a country based on their country’s challenges and needs.

Closing the program proceedings, Hon. Tumisang Healy, a member of parliament for Gaborone Central, made it public that this program is dynamic and he believes it will change the football landscape of Botswana. He further added that if purposely do development, there will be outcomes out of it.

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