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Revision of the World Ranking

The new formula, the Elo method of calculation adds/subtracts points (as opposed to averaging points) for individual matches to/from a team’s existing point total. The points which are added or subtracted are partially determined by the relative strength of the two opponents, including the logical expectation that teams higher in the ranking should fare better against teams lower in the ranking.

Elo ratings have been used in other sports for decades. A modified version of the Elo rating is currently in use for the FIFA Women’s World Ranking.

The SUM version developed specifically for the new FIFA/Coca Cola World Ranking was fine- tuned to reflect a number of FIFA’s considerations, including the following:

  • Adjusting the game weightings to give:
    • less importance to friendly matches and more importance to final round competitions, such as the FIFA World Cup Finals
    • more importance to knock-out stage matches than group stage matches in final competitions
  • Excluding losses in knock-out rounds of final competitions from the calculation

The formula for the SUM algorithm is as follows:

P = Pbefore + I * (W – We)

Pbefore: Points before the match

I: importance of match
I= 0.5 Friendly matches played outside of International Match Calendar windows
I= 1.0 Friendly matches played during International Match Calendar windows
I= 1.5 Group phase matches of Nations League competitions
I= 2.5 Play-off and final matches of Nations League competitions
I= 2.5 Qualification matches for Confederations final competitions and for FIFA World Cup final competitions
I= 3.5 Confederation final competition matches up until the QF stage
I= 4.0 Confederation final competition matches from the QF stage onwards; all FIFA Confederations Cup matches
I= 5.0 FIFA World Cup final competition matches up until QF stage
I= 6.0 FIFA World Cup final competition matches from QF stage onwards

W: result of the match
1 = win; 0.5 = draw; 0 = defeat

We: expected result of the match
We = 1 / (10(-dr/600) + 1), with dr=difference in ratings of the two playing teams, i.e. dr = [Pbefore of Team A – Pbefore of Team B]

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GABORONE, Botswana – Following the request by Senior National Team Coach, Adel Amrouche for leave of absence to attend to a personal matter, the Botswana Football Association (BFA) wishes to inform the public that he has been granted the leave with immediate effect.

Since the COSAFA tournament is the last competitive tournament for the Zebras in the immediate future, the BFA amicably resolved to release Amrouche. The affairs of the National team in preparation for the tournament, set to take place in Nelson Mandela Bay in South Africa from 7-18 July 2021 shall be handed over to Letang Kgengwenyane.

“The BFA understands and supports Mr. Amrouche’s situation and wishes him all the best in his future endeavours,” said BFA Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Goabaone G. Taylor.

Amrouche took over as the Zebras head coach in August 2019 on a two-year deal. After weeks of engaging with the coach over his future, an agreement was reached not to extend his contract.

Adel Amrouche

“Amrouche has been Zebras head coach since August 2019, and his leadership during that time was important to our successful development and international exposure of our players,” added Taylor.

“We appreciate all that Amrouche has done to build a disciplined team. He has always had a thorough understanding of what it takes to be a successful team and has done his best to mentor his players accordingly,” concluded Taylor.

Amrouche has since expressed gratitude towards the BFA for the opportunity.
“I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity to lead the Zebras over the last two years. I leave having picked up quite a number of valuable lessons that will be necessary in the journey ahead. I wish the Zebras success in future competitions,” Amrouche said in statement recently.

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