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Audited Financial Statements 2021

The National Executive Committee (NEC) is required in terms of the Constitution of the Botswana Football Association to maintain adequate accounting records and is responsible for the content and integrity of the annual financial statements. It is their responsibility to ensure that the annual financial statements present a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the Association as at 31 March 2021 and the results of its operations and cash flows for the period then ended, in conformity with International Financial Reporting Standards.

The annual financial statements are prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards and are based upon appropriate accounting policies consistently applied and supported by reasonable and prudent judgements and estimates. For more information download the complete annual financial statement belong;


Audited_Financial_Statements_2021 [PDF]

About BFA

Annual Activity 2022

After the long stay without football activity post Covid 19, the national teams suered the most in terms of performance. Not only the national teams suered even the Association itself felt the nancial burden as a result of the long training camps needed for the teams. Things are gradually getting back to how they used to be, even though we still have to do a few things that have to do with Covid-19. Download complete Annual Activity 2022 book belong.




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