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President’s Corner

BFA President Speaks!

Bagaetsho, happy new year.
The past three years have been the most difficult years for football and life in general. However, we saw little improvement last year especially in our Women’s football development as they represented us on the continental stage.
We also saw some progress on other areas especially at regional level where we endeavor to deepen our engagement.
Club Licensing is another aspect where we see some progress while we note some pockets of resistance.
In our efforts to commercialize our football product, we have agreed that we need to be very firm and focused and work together to achieve this mandatory objective. My Executive and I together with management will be working very hard this year to make sure we advance football.
We therefore urge all our stakeholders, sponsors, the media, and you our most important stakeholder, the supporters to rally behind us to achieve as one.
I wish you all the best in your respective endeavors.
Thank you.


BFA Awards 2023 – BFA President Mr Maclean C. Letshwiti – President’s Award Speech

Ladies and Gentlemen, I always emphasize in my speeches that football is a game of love.
And that is very true.
The man whose contribution to football we are going to recognize tonight is an embodiment of that. His love and passion for football is unparalleled. This man has been a player, a star player, and beyond that almost everything you can imagine in football.
Almost fifty years later he is still involved in football. His love for the game has not dimmed. In fact the older he gets the bigger his love for football grows. Here is a man who is aways looking for an opportunity to impart his immense knowledge and experience of football to others, especially to the young ones.
This superstar of yesteryear has over the years started numerous football academies for the benefit of our young people. Time after time he has demonstrated a remarkable eye for identifying football talent. And he simply enjoys and relishes to be involved at grassroots levels.
And for that reason he has groomed too many football players to count.
Sexton Matshidiso Kowa simply cannot get enough of football. He just cannot help himself. He sleeps football. He eats football. He breathes football and he lives football. For him football is everything.
To him this game is like a religion.
He puts it in every small conversation that he has. For his age Sexton still has boundless amounts of energy. At his age he continues to start new youth academies. Those of you who know Sexton, he was a superstar during his playing days. Sexton played football at a time when it was all done for fun.
He was among those of his generation who played football for the love of it. To this day he is involved in football for no gain. Yet during his life time football has changed beyond recognition. Today’s players earn six digits in a week. Rather than be in it for the love of it, today’s football players are celebrities, celebrated the world over.
We recognise Sexton tonight not only because of his direct contribution to football. Sexton has over the years through his academies used the game to put countless kids off the streets and away from drugs. When we say football builds communities, sexton is a living example of how one uses his talents and passion to build the communities he lives within.
Sexton has been a national football player and a national football coach. He has been BFA Technical Director. And in the 1970s he was involved in the creation of Mochudi Centre Chiefs. Many years later, Sexton was involved in the creation of yet another celebrated football Club: Desportivo Flamingoes.
Many people who are alive today have not seen Sexton play. Yet they are able to very easily associate him with football.
Ladies and Gentlemen, join me in giving the BFA Presidential Award to Sexton Matshidiso Kowa in recognition of his service and contribution to football.

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