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Botswana Football League (BFL) and Footballer’s Union Botswana (FUB) today signed a memorandum of agreement on player’s general welfare in Botswana.
Giving his opening remarks on just ended Press Conference held in Lekidi Football Centre in Gaborone, Nicholas Zakhem also Botswana Football League Chairman highlighted on the importance of this exclusive competition agreement between the two parties as it is very relevant and essential for the benefit of players and employers.
Zakhem further revealed that FUB is now becoming priority and obligation of Botswana Football League and no longer with Botswana Football Association.
Botswana Football League Chief Executive Officer, Mr Solomon Ramochotlhwane brought to light one of the key priorities of competition agreement is the establishment of welfare fund for players. He also added this welfare fund will assist players after retirement period.
Ramochotlhwana concluded by disclosing that the other part of the welfare fund will be used as medical insurance for professional league players.



We write to warn, and dismiss with contempt rumours and allegations peddled by some in the media, affiliate clubs, some officials in clubs and football structures.
The rumours insinuate impropriety on the BFA. The initial allegations circulating were that 75 players were illegally registered after the transfer window had closed. Despite this not being a formal complaint, a thorough investigation was immediately carried out by the BFA on these rumours.
Subsequently a formal complaint from Township Rollers F.C was lodged on 16th May 2022 regarding the registration of 7 players from Security Systems. Another investigation was done to get to the bottom of the matter.
Below are combined facts responding to the two allegations;
1. We confirm that the Security Systems players listed therein were registered by the club within the prescribed Transfer Window. An audit of the registration system has established that the club end user on the system registered the players within the time frame permitted.
The only anomaly is that the cited players were mistakenly registered as β€˜amateurs’ instead of β€˜professionals’. The dates cited by Township Rollers complaint are dates of change of status from β€˜amateur’ to β€˜professional’ level. The players have been properly and lawfully registered.
2. The 75 players matter is a similar matter to the 7 Security Systems matter by facts. There is no irregularity on the registration.
3. The current set of facts is materially different from the Onkarabile Ratanang matter.
It is common cause, and the FIFA Connect system has established that Onkarabile Ratanang was registered outside the transfer period. There had been no prior registration of the player at all.
Following the above, the BFA has since taken necessary steps to protect football integrity and image by instituting immediately relevant processes to address the malicious intent to bring football into disrepute by some clubs and officials.
The concerned matters and suspended individuals are already before relevant judicial bodies. The BFA is in the process of broadening the scope of charges and individuals.
We therefore urge the media and football community at large, to avoid peddling rumours, sensationalist allegations and statements on social media.
We uphold high level of integrity and uncompromised compliance.

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