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BFA Registered Intermediaries as of 30th March 2020. Below is a list of individuals registered as intermediaries with the BFA. If an individual you are dealing with is not displayed below, please contact the BFA’s intermediary team on 3900 279

License NumberFull NamesNationalityIssuance DateExpiry DateSTATUS
01050491B00Bakang MoiponeMotswana06-01-201906-01-2021Active
02100670B00Moran NthoiwaMotswana06-01-201906-01-2021Active
03200274B00Comfort E RamatebeleMotswana06-01-201906-01-2021Active
04040478B00Monty GagomokgwaMotswana06-01-201906-01-2021Active
05270986B00Lesego MolemogiMotswana06-01-201906-01-2021Active
06110102B00Otshepeng MatsiengMotswana06-01-201906-01-2021Active
07160183B00Thuso LemogangMotswana06-01-201906-01-2021Active
08040182B00Olebile SikwaneMotswana06-01-201906-01-2021Active
09270178B00Diphetogo SelolwaneMotswana06-01-201906-01-2021Active
10210285B00Kesetsekae MolefheMotswana06-01-201906-01-2021Active
11190394B00Obakeng O. MokotoMotswana06-01-201906-01-2021Active
12050868B00Jacob PitsoMotswana06-01-201906-01-2021Active
13221175B00Shishi T.K.MogopodiMotswana06-01-201906-01-2021Active



BFA mourns Mr. Rapula Gaotlhobogwe

The Botswana Football Association (BFA) is saddened by the passing of Mr. Rapula Gaothobogwe. Mr Rapula Gaothobogwe served as the First Division North (FDN) secretary between 2015 – 2018.

The BFA National Executive Committee (NEC) would like to wish the Gaotlhobogwe family and football family comfort during this difficult times.

May Mr Gaothobogwe’s soul rest in eternal peace.

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