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Overtraining Syndrome

A successful training involves a progressive loading with periods of overloading to increase the body’s performance capacity. This overtraining phase is beneficial when followed by adequate rest periods to allow the body to recuperate or supercompensate to achieve an increase in performance. This process is referred
to as functional overreaching and it engages the 3 key recovery pillers (nutrition, hydration, sleep) amongst others.

Failure to involve rest periods or an insufficient recovery leads to maladaptation which in the long run results in overtraining syndrome which has undesirable effects on athletes performance. Common errors that may predispose to this include: lack of progression in training load, a load-rest imbalance or too many competitions,
poor nutrition and psychosocial problems (relationship problems, problems at home or with teammates, the coach or parents).

Overtraining Syndrome is preceeded by a period of non-functional stagnation in performance and the athlete usually has fatigue, constant muscle soreness, poor sleep and high stress levels. If identified early and addressed recovery can be achieved within a few weeks time. If not corrected it leads to a Prolonged state of overtraining syndrome characterized by hormonal, neuroendocrine dysfunction, glycogen depletion and chronic stress and the athlete develops persistent fatigue, mood disturbance, hormonal and metabolic disturbance which ultimately affects their performance due to inability to sustain intense exercises over a prolonged period. Recovery from overtraining syndrome take several months therefore it is important to prevent this.

Periodization refers to a concept of systematic progression or planned manipulation of training variables (load, sets and repetitions) in order to maximize training adaptations and to prevent onset of overtraining syndrome.

There are different models that can be adopted and this is quite handy to apply especially during the return
to play period and these may also be used in rehabilitation of an injured athlete. Periodized training works by varying the load on the neuromuscular system in order to drive adaptation and minimize fatigue. Along with that
it has an added benefit in avoiding training plateus or boredom for the athlete due to its variability.

As the BFA medical committee along with PCMA, Health and safety compliance plus Injury prevention methods we advice teams to engage with their physical trainers to look into football periodization and its different models for adoption in their training routine for maximal athlete performance benefits.

NB: It is important to have the athlete with prolonged fatigue to be evaluated by a sports physician to rule out any other associated medical, nutritional or psychosocial deficiencies that may present this way.


Vacancy – Secretary General

Football is Botswana’s most popular sport by far: the game of the people. This is a position that will put you in the spotlight and challenge you, like no other. Botswana Football Association (BFA) is the supreme authority on matters of football in the country, and controls all aspects of the game. It is affiliated to the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), Confederation of African Football (CAF), and Council of Southern African Football Associations (COSAFA).

The BFA seeks to recruit a Secretary General, who will lead and manage the operations of the Association, and drive mission to promote and develop the game of football across the country.

You will report to the President of the BFA as well as being responsible to the Executive Committee. Responsibilities will include: directing the BFA to deliver its commercial objectives including consolidating and growing existing revenue streams (especially broadcast and sponsorship) as well as identifying and exploiting new income steams; attending Exco meetings and providing a detailed overview on the operations and performance of the BFA; building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders; developing and implementing strategies aimed at promoting and developing football in the country; developing and leading structures to help secure the success of national teams at all levels; ensuring sound financial management and cost control; leading the communication & PR strategy; leading major projects at national and international level; and serving on committees and football bodies as appropriate across the country and, where required, within the confederation and worldwide.

A Botswana citizen you will need a minimum of a Bachelors Degree in Commerce or related field, and have proven experience of succeeding in a high profile, complex, multi-stakeholder organisation. Proven success in football administration, business development, and revenue generation will be advantageous.

To progress your interest please visit where you can download a more detailed advert for the position. To register your application, enclose your curriculum vitae. Closing date for applications is Friday, 12 February 2021.

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