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Women Football FIFA COVID19 Relief

We wish to inform all our structures especially Women Football clubs that we have received the Women Football Grant from FIFA as part of the FIFA Covid 19 Relief Programme which is meant for Women Football Relief and Development as directed by FIFA.

As previously indicated in our different communications, the funds are meant for Women Football as per FIFA guidelines.

Due to the dire situations faced by Women Football teams across the country, we resolved that each Women Football team affiliated with the BFA be assisted with a lump sum of P15 500.0o to mitigate the negative effects brought about by the cessation of footballing activities.

The National Executive Committee in consultation with the Women Football Committee will share further details concerning the use and or disbursements of the Relief funds in line with guidelines released by both FIFA and the BFA as per the attached Budget Breakdown agreed with FIFA. Thank you All correspondence to the Chief Executive Officer


Preparations going accordingly

Zebras assistant coach Keitumetse Paul says Batswana should not be bothered by Zambia and support their team at this point in time. Paul said the technical team had to strategize on how they will get the team in the shape that is needed ahead of the AFCON qualifier.

Paul, who is also the national under 20 head coach, said he was currently taking charge of the Zebras in the absence of head-coach Adel Amrouche. Amrouche is set to return from Belgium this Friday. Paul highlighted that the head-coach is very much in charge of the team as he gives direction on training session, and is consulted on daily progress.

Paul highlighted the importance of supporting the Zebras. He said the Zebras have the heart and they are fearless as they continue to prepare for Novembers international games.

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