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Professional set up will lead to the autonomy of BPL

Botswana Football Association President Maclean Letshwiti says Botswana Premier League teams will only achieve autonomy by having a proper function and governance structures.

The President highlighted that the ongoing transformation workshop is his commitment to ensuring that BPL clubs move into professionalism. Mr Letshwiti says the clubs must also come on board to ensure they can have autonomy and eventually commercial viability.


Regulations for the 2020 Debswana First Division Playoff Games

The Promotional Games for the Debswana First Division League are official competitions of the Botswana Football Association (BFA).  These Play-off Games shall be played on a point system basis. 3.0 Any rights which are not ceded by these Regulations to any club taking part in the competition shall belong to the Botswana Football Association.

Download the complete Regulations for the 2020 Debswana First Division Playoff Games;

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