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BFA President Statement on Government Relief

I wish to take this opportunity to convey a vote of gratitude and thanks to the Government of Botswana and the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture with the announcement made today regarding allowances availed to football and arts for months of April, May and June 2020.

We accept that Government is under serious financial strain during this difficult period of Covid19. We therefore immediately acknowledge the P2500 stipend for each Premier League player and P1500 for each player in the National First Division as a welcome development. This stipend is strictly for purposes of cushioning the effects of the pandemic on the socio- economic lifestyles of players and technical members involved in running the clubs.

This will also go a long way in giving club leaders a reprieve during this time. Club leaders and owners are custodians of football events and this financial assistance is critical in sustaining players and eventually the clubs they represent.

The BFA is truly humbled by this noble gesture of unity. We have since availed P40,000 to BPL clubs as a reprieve to help clubs mitigate these devastating consequences.

The BFA and its partners including Government continue to discuss sustainable means to get our football out of the woods completely.

We truly are encouraged by the posture adopted by Honorable Minister Tumiso Rakgare in finding the most reasonable practical solution to the problems football faces in the country.

We remain open to further engagements on the same.


BFA Elections Nominations

BFA Elections Nominations

In accordance with the Botswana Football Association Constitution article 27.1 The BFA shall hold its Annual General Assembly every year by the 14th of August or as close as reasonably possible to that date before the commencement of the next season.

In terms of Article 28.2.17 there shall be the election of the President, Vice Presidents and members of the National Executive Committee during an elective General Assembly.

In terms of Article 3 of the BFA electoral code, the electoral committee organises and supervise the election process.

By the powers vested in the electoral committee to conduct the election process, the Chairman of the committee has invited nominations for candidates for the National Executive Committee positions for the 2020 Elective General Assembly.

Nominations can be submitted at the BFA headquarters at Lekidi Football Centre from 1st June 2020 to 19th June 2020. You are also required to take and submit the eligibility questionnaire around the same time.

Download both Nomination Form & Eligibility Questionnaire below;


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