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Postponement  of  CAF  matches  and  Match  Commissioners  workshop

Postponement  of  CAF  matches  and  Match  Commissioners  workshop  due  to  the situation  of COVID-19

Following  the  growing  concern  of  the  COVID-19  virus  and  the  latest  declaration  of  the  World Health  Organization  (WHO)  describing  it  as  a  pandemic.  CAF  emergency  committee  has decided  to  postpone  the following  matches  until further notice:

  • 2021  Qualifiers:  Match  days  3  and  4  of  the  qualifiers  initially  scheduled from  25th to  31st  March.
  • Women  U-20  World  Cup  Qualifiers:  Initially  scheduled  from  20-22  March  and  2729  March.
  • Total  Women AFCON  2020  Qualifiers:  Initially  scheduled  from  8th to  14th April.

CAF shall  announce  the new  program  in due  time.

Concerning  the  Total  African  Nations  Championship  (CHAN  2020)  scheduled  in  Cameroon  from 4th  to  25th  April,  a  delegation  from  the  CAF  Medical  Committee  is  scheduled  to  visit  Cameroon from  14-15  March  2020.  The  purpose  of  this  mission  is  to  assess  all  the  preventive  measures taken  by  the Local Organizing  Committee,  a  decision  will be taken after the  inspection  visit.

On  the  other  hand,  CAF  has  also  decided  to  postpone  the  Match  Commissioners  Workshop scheduled  for the  19th  &  20th  March  until further notice.

We  would  like  to  assure  you  that  CAF  is  monitoring  the  situation  closely  and  working  with  the competent  authorities  such  as  the  WHO  on  the  impact  of  the  virus  in  the  continent  and  CAF Competitions.

In  the  meantime,  please  accept,  dear General Secretary,  our sincere  regards.



Registration of a company-Botswana Football League

Following various resolutions by the Botswana Football Association [BFA] -National Executive Committee to grant the elite league autonomy the move has since begun.

The Botswana Premier League also has always advocated for their autonomy and this comes at a time when the move for a commercial wing of the elite league is a must do.

Different football General Assemblies have also reiterated the need for the Botswana premier League to be independent from BFA.

The journey to make that a reality has begun with the help of different stakeholders. The FIFA professional department has been holding the BFA’s hand to achieve the desired goals.

BFA has since appointed a Transformation and Sponsorship Committee to implement the transformation of the elite league.

We are happy to announce that Botswana Football League (Pty) Ltd is registered with CIPA.

The company [Botswana Football league – BFL] will have all 16 premier league clubs as shareholders, and it will be a stand-alone company which will run their errands independently from the BFA. The BFL will only be a special member of the federation [BFA] as per FIFA standards and guidance.

The company will re-brand the elite league and make it a more viable property to entice partnerships that will see value in their investment by associating with this business entity.

A new dawn begins. The days of the premier league running as a society are over. These are exciting times and it can only be hoped that all stakeholders will be happy for this new beginning.

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