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Botswana referees approved by the FIFA for 2020

Botswana Football Association is pleased to announce the names of the referees, assistant referees, approved by the FIFA Referees Committee for the 2020 international lists. The Football Association wishes to congratulate the officials who have been selected.

FIFA Referee

  1. BONDO Joshua
  2. GOBAGOBA Tshepo Mokani
  3. MOSITWANE Tirelo
  4.  DINTWA Keabetswe

Assistant Referee

  1. MORAKILE Mogomotsi
  2. SIBANDA Madondo Kitso Reuben
  3. MOLEFE Gaselame Tilolo
  5. KEITSEOPE Ookeditse

Women Referee

  1. METHIKGA Itumeleng

Women Assistant Referee

  2. LETOTA Yvonne


BFA Elections Nominations

BFA Elections Nominations

In accordance with the Botswana Football Association Constitution article 27.1 The BFA shall hold its Annual General Assembly every year by the 14th of August or as close as reasonably possible to that date before the commencement of the next season.

In terms of Article 28.2.17 there shall be the election of the President, Vice Presidents and members of the National Executive Committee during an elective General Assembly.

In terms of Article 3 of the BFA electoral code, the electoral committee organises and supervise the election process.

By the powers vested in the electoral committee to conduct the election process, the Chairman of the committee has invited nominations for candidates for the National Executive Committee positions for the 2020 Elective General Assembly.

Nominations can be submitted at the BFA headquarters at Lekidi Football Centre from 1st June 2020 to 19th June 2020. You are also required to take and submit the eligibility questionnaire around the same time.

Download both Nomination Form & Eligibility Questionnaire below;


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