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Women’s Football At an Early Age

Developing the right skills & techniques at a young age is of great significance in modern-day football. This is why Botswana Football Association, women’s desk office, has initiated “Football At an Early Age”. This initiative entails a visit to primary schools in Botswana, where they help young girls to improve their skills, techniques, controls and also build their confidence in football.

The visits are done by the development officers Barobi Ngwako, who is also a woman. Ngwako believes this initiative will help empower young girls in football and also grow their love for the sport at a young age, which is in line with the FA development plan.


NAPA and DREAMS visit the girls

Life skills are an important tool for development to our girls, thanks To NAPA and DREAMS for making that a reality. NAPA and DREAMS visited the National under 17 Women’s Football team today at Lekedi.

The girls were motivated and given support in preparation for their game against Morocco on the 28th February 2020 at 1800 hours at the National Stadium.

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