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BFA benefit from UEFA’s administration aid

From today until tomorrow, Botswana Football Association will hold a National Executive Committee retreat at Tau lodge.

The retreat is part of the UEFA assist program which has been in the country from Monday in an effort to assist Botswana Football Association with administration aid from UEFA.

The board will engage in a SORT analysis to find ways of getting the best for Botswana Football

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Delegation visit Zebras Legend Mosimanegape “Twizer” Ramohibidu

Botswana Football Association President Mr Maclean Letshwiti together with the Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development Mr Tumiso Rakgare as well as the Member of the Parliament for Mmathethe-Molapowabojang Dr Edwin Dikoloti paid a visit to the Zebras Legend Mosimanegape “Twizer” Ramohibidu this morning.

The delegation donated a total of P7000; P2500 from the BFA President, P2000 from the Minister and P2500 from the MP. The donation is to assist the former Zebras and Satmos FC fullback to get by in the difficult times of COVID19.

The BFA President urged the Ministry to consider the development of policies that help former athletes to establish life after sports.


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