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The 2019 Activity Report Of BFA

The Botswana Football Association (BFA) published its 2019 Activity Report which provides information on the activities carried out by the association. The activity report follows BFA’s business case study and strategy map

Please download the Activity Report below;



About BFA


It is a great privilege and honor to lead football in one’s country. It is even a great privilege and honor to lead a group that excels to a point where the State President and a whole Government finds it fitting to award such a group a Presidential Order of Meritorious Service. The BFA and I are immensely honored and awestruck by such a gracious award to our team of Ladies who continue to perform miracles inspiring not only young ladies but also women in general in our country. The Mares have done exceptionally well and it is our duty to support them as a country and a nation.
President Mokgweetsi Masisi and his Government have already demonstrated desire to advance women in many sectors of our economy. Whilst this award was not expected immediately, admittedly, it serves as a vote of confidence not only in the Mares alone but also in the Women gender in general in our country. I wish to take this moment to Congratulate The Mares once again for this is a lifetime honor and achievement they must guard seriously forever. I want to further thank President Masisi and his Government for this immense vote of confidence in women especially women in sport. Let us rally all our troops and might and support the precious girls and women in this country.
Congratulations and thank you President Masisi.
MacLean Letshwiti
BFA President

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