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Grassroots Course ongoing in Lekidi

Grassroots Course ongoing in Lekidi from May 13th to 17th May 2019. It is the second of 10 coursed envisioned in 2019, that is part of the 4-year development plan.

The aim is to train 300 coaches in 10 educational zones, who in turn will ensure that there will be mini leagues running within the 10 clusters. The course will end on Friday the 17th May with a festival for 160 selected children from all primary schools in Gaborone.

The course Instructors are Barobi Nwako and Mpho Segakise.


Annual Subscriptions

The Botswana Football Association affiliates are reminded that as per Article 78.1 of the BFA Constitution, the membership subscription fees are due on or before 31st May 2019.

To this end, all BFA Clubs are reminded to accordingly pay their subscriptions on or before 31st May 2019.

Be advised that failure to adhere to the above, will attract a penalty.

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